Medical Coding What Is It and What Is the Yearly Salary?

Medical coding can be a new fulfilling career in health care that pays well.
In addition,
specialists that have disabilities can work from home.

A career in medical billing & coding also gives you the opportunity to enter the health care field without the physical demands typical of many health care jobs.

Medical coding is an ideal profession for those who want to work in non-patient-facing positions within the healthcare industry.

What is Medical Coding?

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), defines medical coding as follows:

“Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical
services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes.”

This means translating important medical information into simple codes
for the purpose of documenting medical records and informing accurate medical billing.

How Much Does Medical Coders Make pr Year?

Medical coders without certification earn approximately $42,015 per year while
certified professional coders make $55,923 on average annualy

How Long Does it Take to Become a Certified Medical Coder?

You can become a certified medical coder in as little as 4 months, or up to 15 months
depending on the field specialites and how many classes you take each week.

Is Medical Coding Hard?

No, it’s not hard, but like everything else it takes practice to become proficient at it,
like riding a bicycle, driving a car etc.

Is Medical Coding & Billing a Dying Career?

No, medical coding & billing is a career that’s projected to grow faster than the  average occupation

Can I Learn Medical Coding Online?

Yes, there are a lot of courses available online, and you can take these courses at your own pace and decide on what level or specialisation you want to take.

Is Medical Coding Right For Me?

It depends, if you like working from home, earning a good wage and are drawn to the healthcare industry, then this is definitely right for you.

If you are more of a people person and like being around colleages during working hours, then this might not be the right career choice for you.